Service with a Smile

A memoir by Andrew Keys

It was not a normal day. It was moving day. I hate moving at the best of times. However I was very organised this time and had everything planned down to fine detail. There was one hitch and it involved my underwear.

I was already pretty upset this day as my almost out of warranty car had developed rust in the sunroof. No worries, it was going to be fixed under warranty. I just got home from finishing final sorting out of things for moving. Pulled up in the drive way and pushed the window button to make it go up. There was a big crash. The driver’s window reached closed and it just fell back down fully open. Damn! There was no way I could leave it like that. I was moving into the city and the car would be parked on the street till I sorted out my car space. I wasn’t prepared to leave it on the street with a window that would not close.

To cut a long story short, my car dealer was not very helpful after telling them this story and replied with “Sorry, cant help you. It’s Friday. Bring it in Monday.”

I replied, “I don’t think you heard me. I want it fixed today. It must be. I don’t even care if its not permanently fixed but the window must at least stay up.”

He surrendered, “Ok, ok bring it in.”

During the phone call I had started to strip off in to my packing clothes. I was down to my
Underpants and had pulled on a shirt when the call ended. I was so relieved they could help that I put my thongs on, got in the car and drove over to other side of town to my dealer. Because I was moving I had my important stuff in my briefcase, so I took that with me too. I got to the service department, walked in looking quite mad, red faced and all.

But, wow, I was so surprised. The staff were super nice to me. “Oh Mr Keys, so sorry, please go into the waiting room. Have a seat and we will get the window up as fast as we can.” Gee OK! At least 4 staff members attended to me taking keys, making me a coffee and getting me comfortable. Great!

As I sat down, I lent around my portly belly to put my brief case at my feet. I noticed that I was dressed in my thongs, my underpants, an old t shirt, and …no pants! I quickly put my brief case over my lap thinking “Oh bugger! What a sight I must be.”

No wonder I got so much attention. The car was ready in 30 minutes and I was on my way.

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