Sacred Undies

The Sacred Undies!?

Life is sacred. All of it. Or at least, I believe it can be.

I also believe life—all of it—can be corrupted. So this project is a risk. A project about undies. And bathers. And the human condition. And life in general. It’s walking that fine line. Will it cross it? It could go either way.

I want it to be sacred writing though. Holy. Respectful. And fun. Quirky too—for sure.

I want it to be honest about the realities of our bodies as well as being sincere about the mysteries of our souls. I hope we can explore the human condition together in this project. I hope we come out of it with some greater empathy for each other and a fresh capacity to laugh at ourselves.

Undies are a part of every day life. So are the bodies filling them. So are the souls filling those bodies.

There is something about our undies I want us to get in to. I want us to explore our undies together. After all, they are the next thing closest to us after our skin.

In our undies, we are in transition land, some where in between dressed and undressed. We are one step away from framing ourselves in our choice of decorations and one step away from being naked, exposed and vulnerable.

When we dress, we consciously or unconsciously decide what image we want to cast to others that day, our clothes as the projector. Who will we be today? The man maketh the clothes maketh the man.

But in our undies, we are almost free of the imaging, with our real, true, physical selves so close to being out there in the air with no embellishment or adornment. For many of us, that sounds kind of liberating and for many others, terrifying.

Why—either way— do we have the reactions we do about our nakedness ?

Consider Adam and Eve both pre and post apple; pre and post fig leaves.

My Crazy Undies is meant to be a celebration of peoples’ creativity, hopes, embarrassments and God given urges. It’s a celebration of our humanity.

For the writers, artists and photographers who have contributed, we are celebrating our urge to capture, create, reflect; imagine, appreciate, laugh, enjoy, share, expose or embrace ideas, sounds and visions.

Creativity is a reaching out. It begins within but often needs company from there. It was fun putting the creative challenge out to the contributors, all mates of mine, inviting them to work on a book together. “The theme is Undies! Let’s see what you can do with that!” I told them. This project is their response. Good on ‘em!

What our contributors have given us in response to this creative challenge is kind of amazing. There are more than body bits to be found in our undies. There are parables too. I reckon the sacred dream for My Crazy Unidies has come true. But you decide for yourself.

The authors expose some serious truths. And some fun and some nonsense too.

There are fairy tales, crime, sci, personal, drama and comedy stories. There are poems, acrostics, cartoons, paintings and photographs all about undies!

CHEERS to all the contributors!

Now readers, what do you think? Are you in? Can we approach the topic of undies with a sense of reverence and respect for our emotional, spiritual and physical well being? Will it be both fun and profound for you? I hope so.

Let’s see. Here we go.

Tom Kerr, Editor

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