Life Lessons With Reg

Lingerie Limericks by Emma Kate and Michael Hall; Danielle and Gillian Castray

Part 1 Reg

There was a young man who wore undies.
His mum told him they were called “grundies”.
Although he was thirty,
they got very dirty.
Which is why they get washed on Sundies.

Part 2 Paulini

There was a hot chick called Paulini.
Who always wore her bikini.
Reg thought she was hot.
But he, so was NOT,
So she sped off with his Lamborghini

Part 3 Life’s Lessons

So here’s the point of the story.
Soiling your undies is gory.
It’s not cool to flirt,
If you are a squirt,
Bikini girls get all the glory

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